Bollinger County Abstract & Title


Bollinger County Abstract & Title has been in business since 1907, licensed in the State of Missouri and specializes in title insurance, abstracts of title, searches and real estate closings. The advantage of using a title plant for your title insurance is that the search scope is by section, township, and range, not just by name. They also plot out your legal description to check for overlaps or gaps of property lines.

Bollinger County Abstract & Title not only runs your particular legal description in its chain of title, but also include the adjoining tracts of land that connect with yours. This is done in order to eliminate part of your property being included in their legal description and to help eliminate a double chain of title, which could cause a costly mistake in the future.

Bollinger County Abstract & Title has the only up-to-date geographical title plant in and for the county of Bollinger, State of Missouri. It contains deed copies, tract books going back to the patent date, and aerial and topographical maps. The tracts are indexed geographically, including all tax liens, judgments and copies of surveys, from the county surveyor. Bollinger County Abstract & Title welcomes and urges the general public to ask questions pertaining to title insurance when purchasing or refinancing, as it is a confusing topic. Bollinger County Abstract & Title advises that you, as the property owner and purchaser of title insurance, review your commitment when receiving it. The more exceptions a title company shows on a commitment, the less coverage you actually have.

Located at: 101 Gilmore St. Marble Hill, MO 63764